Post Charity: At The Heart of the GuruuMee Framework

Charity: At The Heart of the GuruuMee Framework

By Simon 7 years ago

At GuruuMee, we want charity to be a part of our DNA, woven into the framework of the app so the satisfaction of doing good follows users every step of the way. That’s why a portion of all transactions will be donated to various good causes that aim to better people’s lives.

Simon, GuruuMee Founder, had one of his first fundraising experiences with White Collar Boxing, a sports foundation that raises money for cancer research. While he enjoys the sport anyways, the notion taking part in a competition for charity added another layer of satisfaction to the experience.

He’s taken that feeling of gratification and applied it to the development of GuruuMee, whereby a minimum of 5% of all transactions will be donated to charity.

This way, everyone who uses our app gets involved in the donation process and supports charity in their own way. The users pay for the interaction with the Guruu who represents a particular charity chosen to receive the percentage-based donations. Guruus donate any portion of their fee over 5%, and can even choose to donate the whole lot!

We want charity to be at the heart of the user experience at every point in the GuruuMee process. Here are a few of the ways we plan to make this happen:

  • Guruu profiles will display the logo of their charity so users know right away where their fee will be applied
  • Everyone can visit charity portals to find out about all of the great things that they’re doing with the funding
  • Both Guruus and followers can nominate charities for which they want to raise money
  • Various charity drives will be run regularly to providing continuing support to great causes that we are passionate about

Our charitable reach will span far and wide but, for now, we’re starting locally with Nottingham-based organisations. We’re in touch with local arts, education, health and children’s charities to get the ball rolling and have plenty of great causes to support when our app goes live.


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