Post Meet Our Gamification Guruu: Jorge Andrés Martínez

Meet Our Gamification Guruu: Jorge Andrés Martínez

By Simon 7 years ago

Gamification Guruu: Jorge Andrés Martínez

Jorge Andrés Martínez is a gamification expert, game designer and creative coach. He’s pleased to join the Guruumee team to advise users about game design as well as offer assistance with creative projects and start-ups.

Over the years, Jorge has helped various companies use gamification and game design strategies to boost their benefit their overall business and infrastructure. He has also been a project manager for a wide range of gaming companies, including board games, gambling, and experiential game design.


These are just a few of the topics that he is happy to offer advice about:

·         How to manage a creative project

·         Pitfalls to avoid when creating a game

·         How to structure a game proposal

·         Team and cross department management

·         Game design Basics and challenges

·         Engagement design (Gamification application)

·         Game Industry misconceptions

He strongly believes in the mutually beneficial power of mentor, and wants to help others achieve their dreams while experience his own personal and professional development:

“I believe that creative industries will be one of the major players in the future as it's showing nowadays to keep growing, games are at the centre of this revolution,” Jorge says. “I want to aid any aspiring creatives to take a leap and enter the world of games”.

 A minimum of 5% of Jorge’s fees will support Ayudar Jugando, a Spanish charity that hosts gaming events to raise funds for children in need around the world. Every year, the organisation chooses a different cause to support; for example, Jorge worked closely with Ayudar Jugando in 2011 to help raise funds for those affected by the tsunami that devastated Japan.


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