Post Meet Our Organising and Declutter Guruu: Mona Kay

Meet Our Organising and Declutter Guruu: Mona Kay

By Simon 7 years ago

Mona Kay, aka The Organising Ninja (TON), is our Organising and Decluttering Guruu. She’s pleased to lend a hand to help Guruumee users live a clutter-free life - mentally or physically - and teach them simple methods of planning and decision making.


Mona recognises that people end up with cluttered homes not because they are messy but because they lack a system to keep their workplaces and homes organised. If the issue is not tackled at an early stage, this may develop into a more extreme case of hoarding. So, it is important for any one with concerns about their clutter (or a situation involving a loved one) to seek help before it affects their health and wellbeing.

Since Mona enjoys organising and decluttering, she wants to put her passion to use in a professional capacity to make a difference in people’s lives. As a Professional Organiser and Declutterer, she aims to understands the patterns that lead people to accumulating clutter, and break the cycle in order to help them live happier and healthier lives.

These are just a few of the issues that Mona Kay is pleased to advise on the Guruumee app:

  • I need a daily routine. How can you help?
  • My house is full of clutter and I need motivation to declutter it. Can you give me a plan?
  • What tips and tricks can you tell us to keep my home/office tidy and/or clean?
  • I need help with dealing with my clutter at home but very nervous in letting someone in my home. Will I be judged?
  • Can clutter have anything to do with my depression?
  • How can I develop a habit to maintain my home on a regular basis?
  • I am a student and I need to organise my time to study for exams. What can you recommend?
  • My spending habits are killing me. What is your advice on budgeting?
  • Any advice on meal planning?
  • Do you use the Konmari method?
  • When I decluttered, I found myself surrounded with lots of valuable stuff. Donate or sell?
  • I find it hard letting go of things. What is your advice?
  • How can I organise my mail and paperwork?
  • I buy lots of food and throw even more. How can I manage this?
  • I am going to move in 2 months and so nervous about packing! Where can I start?
  • When is the best time to declutter?
  • Is an organiser/declutterer a cleaner? Or a social worker?
  • How can I teach my kids to be organised?
  • My mother is a hoarder. She needs professional help but she is in denial. How can I make her change her mind?
  • I want to hire an organiser but I can’t afford it. How can I get help?

Mona is pleased to join us as a Guruu to raise awareness about her profession and help people in need of answers to their questions about decluttering and living more organised lives.

A portion of her fees will be donated to Barnardo’s, which provides care and support for vulnerable children and young people.

You too can become a guruu! If you have knowledge to share and want to earn some extra cash while helping people in loads of different ways, sign up here.

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