Post The Development Process: The Right Man for the Job

The Development Process: The Right Man for the Job

By Simon 7 years ago

We’re getting off to a great start, as we start on the development of GuruuMee. It’s a big job, and there are loads of different working parts that we have to get just right to deliver the best experience to all users, including:

  • Logging in
  • Signing up as a Guruu/Follower
  • Payment details
  • Buying coins
  • Paying Guurus and charities
  • Working out how to dispense the money
  • Managing interactions between Guruurs
  • Forums
  • Search methods
  • Ratings
  • Testing
  • Mobile deployment

This is a huge project that you would normally expect to see developed by a team of coders, but at GuruuMee is trusting just one person with this task: Quinn, our ace developer. He’s confident that he can conquer this task on his own, and he’s sure that he can do so in a timelier and more effective manner than a development team.  He’s just that good.

In his professional opinion, large teams slow the development process down. In many cases, every developer on the team is given a different task and they are likely to approach them with different perspectives. Their visions and coding may not interact well, creating a fragmented method that creates more problems than it solves.

So, building a large app with a team of 10 developers could potentially take twice as long as developing another app of a similar size that’s being built by just one person.

Working on his own, although it may be a lonely road, Quinn has a full scope of the project which allows him to streamline the process. The approach allows him to create the app within a reasonable timescale and we can be happier with the end result much sooner. All this goodness is paired with his enthusiasm for coding and passion for web development, and we’re happy to have him on board!

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