Post How Can I Relieve Stress Using Mindfulness and Yoga?

How Can I Relieve Stress Using Mindfulness and Yoga?

6 years ago

How can I relieve stress using mindfulness and yoga?

Did you know that up to 90% of doctors’ visits are related to stress? However, less than 3% of doctors actually talk to their patients about stress relief. Yoga, meditation and mindfulness are key tools that can be essential in helping you to destress and treat those ailments that are a result of experiencing stress in our everyday lives.

It’s Okay to Not Be Okay

The first thing that most mind-body practitioners will tell you is to be kind to yourself. Our Meditation and Mindfulness Guruu, Pete Anderson, advises us to recognise that it is okay to have moments of weakness in order to start on the path towards wellness:

“Until we understand its OK to feel upset, then all we’re doing is fighting against ourselves; shaming and hurting ourselves. In mindfulness we talk about acceptance, and understanding ourselves”

Extend kindness and love to yourself first and foremost. Even when you’re stressed about work, relationships or money, give yourself the time to look after yourself and practice the self-care that you deserve. This is the first step in heading towards better mental health.

Practice Mindfulness Daily

When you practice mindfulness, you can make a positive change to the way you see yourself and your life in general. It allows you to enjoy the world around you, moment to moment, and let go of negative thoughts and behaviours that cause stress and anxiety.

You can be more mindful in your everyday life without having to make any huge changes. Take a few moments to “notice the everyday”. Literally stop and smell the roses. Pause for a second to really taste your morning coffee. Live in the moment for just a few minutes, and simply focus on your breathing.

It often helps to pick a certain time of day to concentrate on being mindful - perhaps your morning commute to work or a walk on your lunch break. For these 10 to 15 minutes, make the effort to be aware of the sensations you’re experiencing.

Getting Started with Yoga

Plenty of studies have shown that practicing yoga can help you fight stress. Combining physical poses, controlled breathing and relaxation, yoga can lower your blood pressure and heart rate which will have a positive impact on your mental health.
It is ideal to take a class with a professional to really understand the benefits of yoga and ensure that you’re doing everything correctly. However, busy individuals may not always have the time to travel to the gym to take a class. This is when technology can play an important role in benefitting your mental health. On the Guruumee app, you can get in touch with yoga experts and mindfulness mentors who can digitally tutor and mentor you to ensure that you are truly benefiting from mind-body practices.

For more advice on how to relieve stress, get in touch with one of our wellness mentors on the Guruumee app. You can read more about our experts here.

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